Paul Cudenec - Anti Industrial Anarchy, The Withway and Dissident Journalism

Paul Cudenec joins us for a great chat about Anarchism, the natural way, organic radicalism, some of his mentors - alive or not in this movement, and the falsification of the world.

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How did the indigenous news break through for anarchy, how do we reconcile anti-colonialism with the new authoritarian that is replacing it, and the transhumanist anarchists.

Why are some of us finding ground with the conservative Christians all of a sudden? Are they closer to reality than the atheists/materialists? We talk about the misconceptions of Capitalism, the free markets, global states, the British Empire, Anti-industrialism, medieval and secret societies, spirituality, looking inward and The Illuminati Code.

In the second part we get into what happened to the left, where the current left is and was, the global criminocracy, backfiring of censors, the reaction to Marxism, conformism, rediscovering common sense, the old ratlines, Orwell's 1984, collective psyche, spirituality in anarchism, collapse vs revolution, the process of opposition, taking back control of smaller communities, and the Withway

“Anarchism is the political label we give to a massive underground river of suppressed thinking that is flowing under the streets of our materialist capitalist civilization, waiting to rise up and sweep away its factories, prisons and city halls. Ultimately, it’s the life-force itself and as such it’s unstoppable”.

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