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Douglas Vogt. Nova = Pole Reversal and Bill 4488, DARPA dumb DUMBS. Destruction of Science

Douglas Vogt of Diehold Foundation joins us to chat about Bill 4488, The US Govt's acknowledgment of his Nova Pole Reversal research, the UN and the global search for underground tunnels.

We get into Sun Spot Max, CIA infiltration in research like Chan Thomas - Adam and Eve, Hapgood, the JASON group, Darpa dumb DUMBS, and Govt AI analysis confirming his work. This government bill mentions "Human Extinction" 17 times! and Catastrophe many many more.

In the second half we get deeper into what happens in a Pole reversal, if you survive the flood, the dust, and the Nova, what comes next - thousands of feet of snow if you are in the wrong underground location. Where IS the best place to be? We get more into CIA disinfo, why they won't just tell everyone what's going on. Who knows the depth of this or do they just know of the Carrington threats? We are swimming through an ocean of lies. How important is Philosophy? Doug gets into the C14 dating of lava around the world that shows these reversals, Navy Melting Ice experiments, trying for funding to create door to block out water and pressure, the inner core, the deadliest secret, how Piso destroyed science so so long ago....

The Diehold Foundation was created in 1997 to accomplish four major goals: 1. Fund geological expeditions to gather information on the past climate and biomass of selected regions of the earth. The period of interest is from 10,000 BP to 120,000 BP. Collect samples to be tested and C14 dated. We believe we can determine what side of the earth will be facing the sun when it novas during the next geomagnetic reversal (polar reversal). 2. Develop and expand the Theory of Multidimensional Reality and its applications. 3. Expand our finding on the Hebrew alphabet and its similarity to Quantum Computing and its programming. 4. Finish our work at the real Mount Sinai with another expedition.


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