Crow Qu'appelle. Post trans corrupted leftism Anarchy. Nevermore Media Substack for Sale?

Crow Qu'Appelle joins us for a chat about NEVERMORE MEDIA, and leaving Woke Anarchy in Canada.

We chat about being an activist for indigenous rights, seeing a shift of the freedom / Anarchy movement during COVID. We chat about Entryism, Anti Science, Anti Trump, metaphysics, defining definitions of words like Capitalism, Woke, Fascist, how they can call everyone Fascists, conversion therapy and the woke phenomenon.

In the extra long second half we get deeper into Indigenous Land Rights, #landback, Ontario governments restrictions on family land use (anti hippy laws), the Indian Act, the Arctic terrain in war, Canada's death, the DTES (Downtown East Side of Vancouver), Inuit suicides, issues with the right wing, sovereign village, pipeline protests, spontaneous order, and the revolution in mexico against the government and cartels.

We also chat about the collapse, electrifying Africa, animism, poly-crisis, circle of all nations, intentional communities, globalism, harm reduction, addiction, the drug war, big pharma, the Picton pig farm crime, the Hells Angels and RCMP, missing indigenous women, Gabor Mate, The opium wars, and the opportunity for Christians and Anarchists to bond.

"As an animist, I do welcome the paradigm shift that is coming into view. I like to tell people: If the COVID era hasn’t made you question the nature of reality itself, you aren’t thinking hard enough. And you’re unsure as what the actual nature of reality is, does it not follow that unforeseeable variables will play into the equation in ways that the powers that be could not possibly have planned for?"

Can we leave our convenience behind or will we always be slaves to it? Can we be a part time revolutionary?

Nevermore Media

Nevermore Substack

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Growing the new resistance! Posted on March 18, 2022 by winter oak We have often written before on this site about the astonishing collapse into abject inananity of what used to be the international anarchist movement. This process has been underway for several years. While deliberate infiltration and ideological sabotage seem more than likely, the movemen…
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